Friday, September 23, 2011

SMBHD - Doesn't Know HIS Geography

So we're going to Denver tomorrow... and coming back on Sunday. We're crazy, I know this. My friend Rosie is getting married, though, and it's going to be awesome! It's just too bad the trip has to be so short!

Yesterday I realized I hadn't checked the weather in Denver and was a bit concerned that my summer dress I bought for the wedding might need tights and leg warmers and a parka. So I checked the weather and I was like, "Wow - it's actually going to be warm!" (80's for your information) He looks at me funny and he's like, "Well obviously." So I give him the look that probably says "Oh, this is gonna be good" and ask him what he means by "obviously".

"Well, Denver's in the desert."

Is it, now??

I informed him that Colorado is known for having great ski areas and that, no, it is not, in fact, in the desert. He then tried to rationalize it by saying that it was near Arizona, because (he somehow knew) they get all their water from Colorado. I asked him why he thought that was... got no response... then told him the snow melting off all of the mountains probably had something to do with it.

So, I'm glad I got a little payback for all the geography pop quizzes he gives me.


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  1. Hilarious. I did hear that somewhere (about getting water from the Colorado river). And yes, it is obviously hot here in the desert. I just hope it cools down so we can have Kirk's party outside next weekend.