Monday, September 26, 2011

Random Ramblings of the Week 9/26

Yeah, I know I missed last week... I guess I had no random ramblings to report. Ha. Just kidding. I always have random ramblings... But really things have been just a tad busy around here. On to the ramblings...

We went to Cape May for our anniversary. It was so pretty, but of course it was cold and rainy. More on that trip soon, I promise.

We had our frozen wedding cake on our one year anniversary! And yes, it was still good. Someone told me they were surprised I could get my husband to eat year old cake. 1- Have you met my husband? Do you know his obsession with food? 2- Here's the full story of our cake: I don't like cake. I like cheesecake, ice cream cake, and this one super awesome strawberry cake recipe I found in high school sometime and my mom has been making me every year on my birthday since. Most of the time I wouldn't finish it all and then I would freeze it, because I freeze almost everything. The obvious ones like veggies and meat… but also cheese, eggs, herbs, etc. So why not cake? My mom was skeptical, but the first time I defrosted it and tasted that strawberry goodness, yum. So now I always freeze it, and Tim got a chance to taste it thawed out when he was visiting one time before we got married, which is how we picked our cake. And also that's why he was cool with (and excited about) eating our 1 year old cake. Moral of the story: Freezing your wedding cake can be done and can taste delicious. As long as it's super awesome strawberry cake.

I wish I had seen this idea before our anniversary. Like people do with their babies, you have something with the number of anniversaries you've had - like a framed number 10.

Maybe I can photoshop a "1" in one of our pics somewhere and remember to do it for real every year from now on... or I'll just photoshop numbers in every year because odds are I'll probably forget.

We were in Denver for under 26 hours this weekend. jet.set.ters. Rosie's wedding was BEAUTIFUL! And I'm pretty sure I'm finally starting to understand how to use my fancy camera so I should have some pretty sweet pictures. Be on the lookout. Although who knows how long it'll take me to get the pictures off my camera, so you may be on the lookout for quite some time… Here's a sneak peak:

I hate it when people say "You welcome." It's "You're welcome." It's like nails on a chalkboard for me when people do this. When we were at TJ Maxx in Denver this weekend (oh yes we did), this one woman who worked there kept helping people and saying it over and over when people would thank her and I just wanted to shake her.

When I was putting my suitcase away last night all I could think was FINALLY! I don't even know the next time I'm going to have to bust this baby out. As far as I know it's not going to be before December! We've got a couple small trips between now and then, but no flights involved and only overnight so no need for my suitcase.

My mom got me a luggage set for Christmas in 2008. I was just going to say how it's definitely been put to good use in the short amount of time I've had it, but then I realized that's almost THREE years ago, so I guess what I should say is I'm surprised it hasn't fallen apart yet with all the traveling I've done since then!! But I love my luggage set. Guess what - it's green. :) I'm going to be sad when it dies someday.

I just realized how awesome jewelry polishing cloths are. I've had one forever. I don't even know where I got it from. I feel like Meamaw might've given it to me in my teens and I never knew what to do with it. In the past few months I've noticed a ton of my silver jewelry being tarnished. I'm really not sure if it's because I never noticed it before, or if there's something in the air in my room that makes them tarnish?? Maybe because it's so hot and humid up there? Anyway, I've never polished my jewelry before a couple months ago. Last night, while I was unpacking, I sat down with my polishing cloth and went to town on a couple bracelets Meamaw gave me and, I mean, it's like new jewelry. Then I couldn't put the cloth down. I was walking around looking for things to clean. The only problem is I have to wash my hands after because they get all the tarnish on them from the dirty side of the cloth. Ok the only other problem is that my cloth says not to wash it. Since I'm pretty sure this thing is at least 10 years old… where on earth do I get another one? There's no website or anything on the case. I'm a polishing fiend now.

I got a negative ion watch last week. I really just wanted one because I've been seeing people with them on and they looked cute. Turns out they're more than just skinny, cute, watches. They have "negative ions", aka tourmaline, which supposedly helps your mood, helps you sleep better, aids in weight loss and detoxification... amongst other things. I hope it works, but if it doesn't, it's still cute.

Skinny Watch on Amazon


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