Monday, September 12, 2011

Random Ramblings of the Week 9/12

I hate when cab drivers honk at you to see if you want a cab. HATE. Like, I kind of want to run over and punch them in the face when they do that. It's like, "Oh, look at that person walking down the street - she shouldn't be walking, who walks?? She obviously wants a cab even though she's not looking around trying to flag one down! Let me just do this short, obnoxious, one honk thing that all (Philadelphia) cab drivers do, then she'll want to get in my cab!" If I wanted a cab, I'd be looking for one. I'm aware this isn't an issue in New York, since you can't get a cab to save your life. Sorry for complaining about the inundation of cabs in Philly.

Which makes me also think of construction workers and random men in cars. When you whistle or yell things at us (females), what exactly do you think you're going to accomplish? Do you think we're going to run right over and make out with you? I mean, seriously. Do you really think that? Because sometimes I think you do since I can't figure out why else you would do it. NEWSFLASH: That's not going to happen. Ever.

Tim decided last week that he wanted to put some pictures up on his desk at work. I told him I had some frames he could take. We got this nice frame from someone for our wedding that on the inside had a heart shaped jewel thing attached to some matting. He went to put his picture in and took it off. Which left a hole in the matting. I asked why he took the heart off. He said it was girly. So I said, "But you'd rather have a hole in it than a heart?" Yes, he said. Men! Turns out that frame was only for vertical pictures (like, wouldn't stand horizontally), so I ended up not letting him take it anyway and put the G-D heart back on. Now I have to go get him some frames at the store today, because the thought of having to go to the store and purchase frames is clearly too much for him. He'd rather just pester me about needing them.

This made me realize that I have ZERO wedding pictures on my desk at work. Well, had. I brought one in today. You know I love my wedding pictures, so why did it take me a year to bring one in?! Lol. Probably because I already have so much crap on my desk... including non-wedding photos... But now this has gone from zero to 60 and I want like 15 wedding pictures on my desk - of not just us, but fam and friends. Because they're probably the best pictures I'll ever have of anyone in my life (including myself)! Now I need frames for me, too. And space on my desk. Maybe I need one of those big collage frames like I had in college.

Sorry no SMBHD last week. I've been mondo busy. I know I told you I have a million drafts, and I do, trust me, but they're drafts, and they need to be finalized, and finalizing them means I need time to do so. I don't have that kind of time at the moment. I like these random ramblings posts because I can just jot down a random thought at any time during the week and then compile them and boom, post done. WARNING: SMBHD this week is probably not going to be funny. Sorry. This coming weekend will mark our one year anniversary (seriously?!), so I should probably be nice.

Football started this weekend!! And I randomly realized that I enjoy listening to it on the radio??? Not that I'd pick radio over HD TV, but I was driving home from my mom's house, listening to the game, when I suddenly realized it's not that bad. Listening to baseball on the radio is kind of bad, but that's because they don't really paint the picture for you. They're like "*Silence. Silence.* Ball 4." But football you hear, "To the 40, to the 30, to the 20 - TOUCHDOWN!!" and then you scream and clap and the people in the other cars look at you like you're a maniac. It's awesome.

PS - I LOVE football. I don't know why it took me 20 years to get into it (I started watching it in college).

PPS - When I first met Tim, he hated football. Well, "hated". He'd never watched it, but had the mentality that a lot of Brits seem to have, which was that it's not "real" football (soccer), and that in "real" football they don't wear pads and helmets and they don't stop so much. I explained to him that it was a different sport altogether, but he wasn't having it. Eventually he changed his mind and now loves it as much as I do (um, if not more). His mates mock him for it.

That's enough for today.


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