Monday, September 5, 2011

Random Ramblings of the Week 9/5

Red sox were disappointing this weekend, but, nonetheless, it was still really great to be able to watch them on NESN and with other sox fans to boot.

Laura made three pies this weekend and now Tim has decided that I need to make him pies. Thanks a lot Laura! Lol. (Not doing it, though.)

Margaritas are delicious. Especially when you have them in Maine.

Lobsters are delicious. Especially when you have them in Maine. ESPECIALLY when Laura makes tater tots with them.

My Pampie is the best bartender ever. Your glass is never empty and happy hour starts at the very latest at 5pm every day. Saturday it started at 4. Sunday it started for him at noon, for me about 1.

Saturday's happy hour also doubled as pregaming for church. Well, a church dinner. Tim and I aren't really church goers. But we enjoyed their food! And pregaming for church is funny.

I want to retire and live in Maine. How many years do I have left?

Got to go look at a bunch of Pampie's mementos (including yearbooks, old letters, diary from when he was in the Navy) this weekend. Really enjoyed that! And now have a poster to hang in our house with his name on it from when he was a "sensational trombone playing 13 year old" and playing with a dance hall band (I guess that's what you would call it?). Framing it!

Not ready to go home... and can'

Oh right, Happy Labor Day.


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