Friday, July 1, 2011

SMBHD - Says He's Been Camping Before

Ok, so I believe he's been camping, but... I believe it was when he was 5 years old. We're going camping this weekend in Maryland. He doesn't seem to know what to expect. Like... at all. As previously mentioned, he asked me how we were going to eat (and I told him hunting and gathering, obviously).

One thing for sure is he is SO lucky he has me - Mrs. ILIKETOPACKEVERYTHING. He complains about the amount of stuff I bring everywhere, but if I wasn't the way I am, he would be SCREWED if he ever wanted to go camping. Ok, yeah, fine, so if it weren't for me he probably wouldn't be going camping in the first place, but still. He cuts his finger? I got a bandaid. Needs sugar for his coffee? Got it. Bottle opener? Yup. Corkscrew? Ok, that's for my wine, but worth noting anyway. Pillows, blow up mattress, sheets, tent, tarp for under tent, cooler, ice packs for cooler, snacks, tools, flashlights/lanterns, camping chairs, towels, sunscreen, bug spray, FOOD, fire utensils, games, plates/cups/utensils, etc., etc....


BUT! As much as I like to pack everything, for camping I go pretty minimal on the clothes. Like, I realize I'm not going to win any fashion contest (is that a thing, anyway?) while trekking through the woods. So all of my clothing fits into one small backpack. BH? MONDO duffle bag. I made fun of him for it last night, and he rebutted with how much stuff I had packed downstairs outside of my backpack. Right, BUT that's all camping supplies, not clothing and toiletries - those all fit in my tiny backpack. His duffle bag only consists of clothing and toiletries - which is an awful lot of clothing and toiletries! I'm wondering if he realizes that camping = being dirty and not having very many (or very good) showers for a few days. He finally let it slip that he doesn't know what to pack because he doesn't know what to expect. And when he asked me what else he might need and I rattled off a couple things, he hadn't even packed those, so I'm not really sure what he packed?? Hopefully not dress pants and shoes. I'd laugh so hard.

I'm glad we're going with other people this weekend, because while I enjoy camping, and have lots of camping supplies, I probably couldn't start a fire if my life depended on it. Pretty sure BH couldn't either.

Stay tuned to hear how this goes. Should be interesting!


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