Monday, July 11, 2011

Rosie's Tea Party Shower!

A couple weekends ago, I went to my friend Rosie's bridal shower. Her family decided to throw her a tea party themed shower... complete with hats Royal Wedding style! You can imagine my excitement! :) It's funny because I was going to a concert after the shower and decided to wear a new hat I got (a fedora, not a pillbox or anything), so I was already wearing a hat when I got to the shower. Rosie was like, "You can just wear that one." and I was like, "NO WAY - I will wear a fancy, fun, awesome hat!!" or, I was like, "No, no, I'll wear one." Pretty sure my excitement was evident. Anyway, I picked up the only hat with a veil (yessss), and was promptly pinned in. These hats were so fun! I believe it was her stepmom and stepmom's sister that made them. Look at the fun and ridiculous(ly awesome) things she put on them!


SDogg, I know you'd love this owl hat!

Yes, that is a chew toy with dog bone-shaped sprinkles, lol!

The shower was very laid back, with hats and gorgeous teacups (I'm assuming Rosie's mom collects them?), and tea party-esque snacks. It was a really nice afternoon, sipping tea with our fancy hats on! :)

The beautiful bride-to-be is never caught of guard! She smiles even when I try to take candid shots!

I only wish I had thought to make hats for everyone for my fancy hat shower! Such a cute idea.

Pinky up, ladies!


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