Thursday, July 14, 2011

Identity Crisis

Today (or tomorrow, depending on how long the line is) I will be going through a very traumatic change in my life. No, I already changed my name legally (on most things at least, I'm still working to update everything). Now I'm… wow, I can't even say it. I don't WANT to say it. But I guess I have to… Now I'm finally going to get my Pennsylvania driver's license and become an official Pennsylvania resident. You have no idea how much it pains me to say this! And yes, it only took me 6 years and a marriage to finally succumb to doing it. Don't tell the po-po or they might lock me up. I'm sincerely going to miss my New Jersey license. And not just because I had a REALLY good picture somehow, and I can guarantee it won't look as good today (or tomorrow). I like being from New Jersey! (I also like being from Maryland, but that's not the point.) You don't have to pump your gas, just your fists! And gas is cheaper! And you don’t have to pay to get your car inspected! And the license plates are tie-dye-esque! I hope to someday again be a Jersey resident, but for now… it's ugly PA license and license plates for me. Boooooo.

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So long New Jersey... :(

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Also, I'm really going to miss how easy my license plate number was to remember. Let's just say out of 6 characters on the plate, 4 were the letter "U". People used to ask if I ordered it that way.



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  1. I had to change everything to Missouri when I bought my new car and moved in with Jason. What a pain in the a**! Kansas was so lines, pretty cheap, online renewals. Not so much w/ Missouri. So I feel your pain. Good luck, friend. xoxo