Friday, July 8, 2011

SMBHD - Works Really Hard

Ok, so every now and then, the Sh*t My British Husband Does segment calls for a post where I don't make fun of my BH. (Sorry.) This is one of those times.

My husband gave up a lot to be with me. His job, nearness to his family and friends, his country. Trust me, I know this and I so very much appreciate him for doing it! All for little ole me :)

He gave up his job as an attorney in London. To answer the questions we both get all the time - no, he can't practice law here. The US has stupid varying rules for every state with regards to who can and can't sit for the bar exam. The only places he could sit for the bar exam (which also involves a lot, LOT of studying beforehand) without going back to some form of law school would be New York or California. Honestly, he's not really interested in sitting for the exam anyway (at least not at the moment). He kind of got a bad taste in his mouth for large, corporate law firms after being with one for a few years.

He wasn't allowed to legally work in the US for X amount of months, so he volunteered with a legal non profit organization, who eventually hired him once he was permitted to work here. As with many non profits, they recently lost a lot of funding. He was told at the end of June that they were unable to keep him on after the end of the month. He had seen it coming, and started the long and painful process of job searching and interviewing over 3 months ago. I know it was hard for him, and it truly hurt my heart to watch him go through this process when I know what he gave up for me, but we knew it wasn't going to be easy. The hardest part for him, I think, was having to go into work wearing a suit so many days, when the non profit had a casual dress code. Obviously they knew he was out at interviews, and would ask him about it, but he never really had any good news to report to those who asked. It was embarrassing for him.

He also had to deal with one company who called him and told him "I have good and bad news for you. The good news is you've got the job. The bad news is, there's a hiring freeze and we can't actually hire you." So... not really good news at all.

June 29th - THE DAY BEFORE HIS LAST DAY, he got a job offer from another non profit. It paid peanuts. He got in touch with the recruiter who was working on another job for him and told her about it, and she got in touch with that company. I guess telling them he had another offer (even though he wouldn't have accepted it anyway with the pay being what it was) lit a fire under them because they offered him a job that afternoon (which he immediately accepted).

July 1st - He gets an email from the person at the company who was on a hiring freeze. They can hire him on temporarily for now, and hope to make it permanent soon, he says. BH comes upstairs to tell me about this email at 8am and as I turn around and say, "Well, aren't you just a wanted man!" I notice he's on the phone. ANOTHER COMPANY he had applied for a job with called and asked if he was still interested in the position.

A wanted man indeed.

Today, I just want to say that sometimes the Sh*t My British Husband Does involves working really hard and never giving up. He went through countless nights of studying company information and interview prep. I know it could have been so much worse, and gone on for much longer, but I'm glad it didn't. I'm proud of my BH!


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