Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fourth Stuff

We went camping this weekend. It was awesome. We were originally supposed to go with my BFF Cassie, her boyfriend, and two other couples, but one of the couples dropped out last minute and since there was a maximum capacity per site (so my husband and I couldn't meander over to the other camp or we'd get in trouble), we invited my newlywed friends Bonnie and Matt to join. It ended up being a great camping group, if I do say so myself! And the site was pretty frickin' sweet, too! Minus the bugs. G. D. bugs ruin everything.

We headed down on Friday night, put up our tents, and encountered a crazy amount of bugs in our faces. We hiked on over to the other site for the evening - which, for some reason, had a significantly less amount of bugs! On Saturday we went to a nearby beach (like, a 3 minute drive) which was great! I highly enjoyed this version of camping that we did - where we spent an entire day at the beach! Of course, I got burned to a crisp (literally), but totally worth it. Plus it's already starting to turn tan. :) All weekend I had been telling Tim to watch Matt while he built a fire so he could learn. Sunday morning Tim woke up and said, "I'm pretty sure I could build a fire on my own now." Then he got up and started, while Matt, his fire mentor, gave him tips. So Tim earned his Fire Badge this weekend, lol.

After breakfast we packed up and went on a hike to a nearby lighthouse.

The lighthouse was pretty cool, but also pretty scary. There were these stairs and a ladder you had to climb to get up.

I'm convinced these two are unable to take a serious photo.

Cass and I were pretty much the wussiest people there, crawling on hands and knees, lol. Pretty sure the little girls that went up before us were less wussy than us... Then we went to a delicious restaurant in town on the way out and had some yummy crab bisque and crab cake sandwiches. We were in Maryland - we had to have crabs! It's what Maryland does!

My friends are scattered allll over the place at this point, so it was really nice to be able to meet up with Cassie (almost) halfway between Philly and DC. It's not like I can really do that with Arizona or Kansas... lol. Vegas is halfway between everywhere, right? No? Come on. Vegasssss.

Anyway, the whole weekend, I had to keep a secret from my BFF... that her boyfriend fiance was going to propose on the 4th of July when they went to watch the DC fireworks! Side note - I've had to keep the proposal in general a secret from her since DECEMBER. Do you know how hard that was?!

Fun weekend for all - but most especially for Cassie, I suspect!


I am so glad I no longer have to keep this secret. Phew.

The couple that wears skeletal shoes together, stays together. Or something.

Oh, and did I mention we rode cows and pigs?

We rode cows and pigs.


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