Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Runnin Runnin and Runnin Runnin

So... I swear I have been doing pretty well on my working out and eating better thing since I discussed it earlier this year. But it's not doing much other than, I guess, keeping me at the same level I was at. Which is better than getting worse I suppose!

LuLu's - Hello Sunshine Dress

However, I recently realized that I have, oh, just under 3 weeks before a wedding in which I want have to fit into the dress I wore last June to Amanda's wedding. Which means when I wore it I was in the throws of my own wedding planning and therefore automatically skinny (seriously, wedding planning is like the best diet ever). Oh, did I mention I barely fit into said dress at the time? But I'm determined to wear this dress again because I love it, AND I recently purchased a flower for my hair from my awesome friends thecraftmasters (visit their Etsy site now!) that perfectly matches the dress. As in, it looks like they bought the dress, cut it up, and made me a flower, it matches that perfectly!

No really, it does match.
The pic of the dress above makes it look much yellower than it is in real life.
I have both in my possession and attest to the fact that they match.

So I've got my outfit decided... I just need to fit into it! I will admit that I haven't tried the dress on yet to see how much it doesn't fit. Probably because I'm in denial and think that I can make it fit, so my plan is to RUN as much as I can (and throw some hot yoga in there) for the next couple weeks, THEN try it on (with fingers crossed).

I don't want to hear anybody saying "you don't need to lose weight!" because it is an actual fact, that if I don't, I won't fit into this dress! And I want to. Lol.

So I'll keep runnin runnin and runnin runnin...

Best version ever, in case you were wondering.


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