Friday, November 4, 2011

Random Ramblings of the Week 10/31

Halloween was fun. It even lasted two whole weeks for us! But Tim, aka party pooper, wouldn’t let me wear two different costumes. :( I say “wouldn’t let me” because he refused to wear two costumes and I told him without me he’d be nothing! Nothing! No, really, he would’ve been nothing for Halloween without me. Or so people would’ve thought. He'd be a man in a tux with a whip. (Oh yeah, the duct tape whip turned out great!) So what were we? I opted for me to be a circus performer/showgirl and him to be a ringmaster (a la Water For Elephants).

I was mistaken for Shawn Johnson.

A lot.

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I suppose I could've been mistaken for worse.

I guess it wasn’t a total fail, but I wasn’t super pleased with the outcome. Probably mainly because I had to wear white tights, and was told that they were very unflattering…

It was so freaking cold the day/night we were going out for Halloween this year. Really, snowtober? Not necessary. I love snow and all, but stop trying to jip (gip? gyp?) me out of fall Mother Nature. I guess I shouldn’t really complain considering we only ended up with super slippery roads with ice and slush on them… and my mom (2 hours North) got at least 18 inches of snow and lost her power for about 10 hours. So… yeah. I guess I should feel lucky.

I don't really want to go into the whole story, but Sunday morning we woke up to a broken window on our front door. It wasn't a burglar. We spent Sunday fixing it. Not how we wanted to spend our Sunday morning, but it is what it is.

In case you live in a cave and haven’t heard by now, and care in any way, Kim Kardashian filed for divorce this week. Her wedding was a TWO PART special on E! just a few weeks ago, and people are speculating that the whole marriage was a publicity stunt. I have to think that it’s not, because what kind of person would broadcast HER ($10 million) WEDDING (albeit, her 2nd), and not be completely and utterly embarrassed to file for divorce 72 days later? I would be MORTIFIED. Shoot, I have a $300 wedding video I’ve shown a handful of people, and I’d be embarrassed to have shown that if I were her, let alone televise it to millions of people! Tim said to me the other night, “Hey, we lasted longer than Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries!” When I gave him a look he told me he thought that was romantic...?? Funny, yes, romantic, no. There's your SMBHD for this week. Lol.

I have this weird problem with our building’s cafeteria. I get so indecisive when I get there. I’m indecisive all the time, so this is like times 10 I guess. There are wayyy too many options. Sometimes I just decide to hit the salad bar, but apparently I’m inept at picking ingredients that taste good together?? I guess I pick things I like, without thinking what they'll taste like together, and then I’m like oh crap none of this goes together at all. And it’s not like I can put it back. Then I slap the wrong dressing on and have the worst salad ever. I think this is why I rarely go to our cafeteria.

Does anyone know what to do with Pumpkin Butter, besides putting it on toast or any kind of bread? I read a LOT of food blogs, and I swear in the past couple months I've seen people talking about Pumpkin Butter all over the place, and when I finally get a jar I have no idea what to do with it. I stare at it like something will come to mind, and I've got nothin'. "Use instead of regular butter ON things." is all I see. So if you've got anything else for me, I'm all ears.

I just made the observation that in a year I have gone from reading a million wedding blogs to reading a million food blogs. I think it's because I really didn't discover the blog world until I, myself, was getting married (and subsequently started my own blog), that even when I found food blogs I never had the time to read them because I obviously needed to spend all my blog reading time on looking at pretty wedding stuff. Don't get me wrong, I still read wedding blogs, but now I don't just read any wedding blog I come across, I only read my favorites. And food blogs. Obvi.

WELCOME NOVEMBER!! aka hibernation month.


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