Wednesday, November 23, 2011


So turkey day is upon us once again, folks. How can it be so?? How can December be here NEXT WEEK?! Crazy talk.

I know stores and people everywhere are skipping Thanksgiving altogether. I mean, as in thinking of Thanksgiving only as an afterthought to Christmas. Like, "We have to get through Thanksgiving before we get to Christmas." Not not having Thanksgiving dinner. That would also be crazy talk.

As soon as Halloween was over BOOM it was Christmas in all the stores. There aren't any turkeys hanging from the ceilings, because I guess not everyone decorates for Thanksgiving. HA. I mean, everyone in my family does, but I assume there are people out there who don't for... whatever reason. I, for one, do NOT skip Thanksgiving. I treat all holidays equally! I don't have multiple bins of Thanksgiving decs or anything, like my 10 (or more... I don't really know...) bins I have dedicated just to Christmas. I only *technically* have one bin for T-day stuff, but some of my Halloween decorations pull double-duty for both holidays. My rule of thumb is pumpkins can stay out if they don't have a face. I think it's a pretty good rule.

Anyway, I can't wait to have my own house and hold my own Thanksgiving someday, where I will probably THEN acquire enough straight up T-day decs for at least 2-3 bins. Don't tell Tim.

When I do... I will decorate with lots of pretty things... *cue dream sequence and harp music*

Let's start with the entrance. "Welcome, friends!"
To my home filled with 8,000 pumpkins.

found on Pinterest

Have I mentioned I don't like carving pumpkins? I suppose that could present a problem there. For the past couple of years I've bought "cinderella" or white pumpkins. Pumpkins that look good and classy just sitting there. No carving. No mess. No potential stabbing of oneself. Maybe I can get Tim to do it (HA, yeah ok).

via Martha Stewart, aka the Bible.

Also from the Bible.

I really just like the turkey placecards here.

found on Pinterest

Uh, this totally solves my problem of never remembering which side which utensils go on! Awesome.

As you can see, my dream sequence doesn't really have any kid friendly decorations. I plan on keeping it that way for as long as possible.

Ummm no. Not happening.

But maybe. JUST MAYBE. this.


  1. Awesome! Love the white pumpkins. I also get upset no one is into Thanksgiving. Not really a decorator, but I hate how after Halloween it is right into Christmas.

  2. Wow. I need to hire you to come over and decorate my house for the holidays. I think there are people that actually do this. You should look into it.

  3. oh ho ho, i wish! yeah, there's some special every year on HGTV (i think) where celebrities hire people to decorate their homes for the holidays and i'm like damn i would love to do that! actually, that's my second reaction. my first reaction is omg how can these people not want to decorate their own home?! lol.