Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Random Ramblings of the Week 11/14

Soo... holy crizzap. (That's crap times like 20, in case you were wondering.)

I just realized I'm pretty much not going to be home for a weekend, after this weekend, until, oh, December 31st. That's only sort of a lie because there will be one weekend just before we leave for England (we leave on a Sunday, so the weekend leading up to that), but obviously that time is going to be spent packing! Wow. Where the frick did 2011 go?? Also, crap. I need to finish my Christmas shopping!! I've been Christmas shopping since, like, August, but I'm still not done. Tim makes fun of me, but I think of Christmas presents year-round! If you see something and it makes you think of someone, I say buy it and give it to them at Christmas! Otherwise, come November you're stuck racking your brain trying to figure out what to get everyone, when you could have at least picked up a few small things along the way. AMIRIGHT? Plus, they may be on sale. Plus, I'm totally down with returning things 6 months after the fact. Store credit? Sure!

I am doing pretty well on the present front, due to my year-round shopping, but it just hit me yesterday that I need to order stuff, like, now. Considering that A - I'm seeing Cassie next weekend (NEXT WEEKEND IS THANKSGIVING - CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!), and if I don't give her her presents then, I'll have to cart them down on a train the weekend after when we go visit her (yes, we're going to DC the weekend after Thanksgiving). That doesn't sound like fun to me. Especially considering they are considerably heavy. B - Since this year we're doing Christmas in England, we're doing Christmas with my mom the weekend of December 10th (Ma - are you even gonna have your tree up by then??), soooo I need to finish shopping for her STAT. And also anyone else in my fam I'm sending presents to. C - We're leaving for England December 18th, so any last minute shopping for the in-laws and hubby will be done in England - which kind of freaks me out because, well, I don't know why really. I guess I'd just like to have it all done by then in case I can't find anything over there? HA - Do you have any idea what I'm like when I go shopping when I'm in England? I'm like, "This is toy money, I'm going to buy everything!" And then I end up with a 3 foot Union Jack pillow in my suitcase. But anyway, it would make me feel better if I had it all done before I left.

PS - I don't count week days as shopping days because I'm pretty much a slave to whatever stores are in downtown Philly since that's where I work and I refuse to move my car in the evenings, lest I lose my parking spot. So weekends are the only time counted for anything really.

Also, I have no idea how we've been so busy for the past couple months, but yet I have friends I haven't seen in months?? How does that happen?? I was trying to think of when I could see people who have been texting me "When are we getting together?" "Happy hour, soon??" and other such things I apparently have been ignoring (Not on purpose, I swear! I usually find these texts like 3 days after the fact for some reason. I think it's because I like to clear my text notifications and assume it's my twitter feed and not actual texts because that's usually all I get.). So I was trying to think of when I could see said people and it brings up another "Crap!" because, oh, next week is Thanksgiving so that's pretty much out, then I'm in DC for work most of the next week, then possibly New York, then NJ, then... ok, you get the picture. I'm really having a hard time finding time to see my friends. Seriously, where did this year go? Will 2012 please be a little bit slower?? The answer is no because I already know in the cards is a trip to Kansas (City, MO), a camping trip in the spring, and at least one wedding, but POSSIBLY two... or three, and *hopefully* moving. So... yeah. I'm complaining to no avail. I realize this.

SO - last weekend, I made bread. Apologies to those in my family who got together and bought me a bread maker as my wedding gift, because, yes, it took me a whole year to finally take it out of the box and use it. In my defense (a few points here): It never went into the pantry, or anywhere I was actually putting it away. I always wanted to use it and was SOOOO excited when I got it. So it has literally been in the corner of my kitchen for a year. I opened it at one point and read the directions and recipes that were included. Does that count for anything?? Also, I know I talk a lot about being busy, but for real, it's been a busy year. It's not like I sit at home every weekend going "I don't want to use my bread maker." It's more like I'd look at it longingly and wish for time to learn how to use it and enjoy it. My final point will be that it is ungodly hot and humid in Philadelphia from, like, April to October, so I wasn't using anything that produced an unnecessary amount of heat during these months. BUT - now I made bread. And it was super easy, and it turned out delish, and now I want to make it all the time. I should probably figure out how to make healthy breads or something so we don't gain 50 lbs. because of my now bread obsession.

I'm super excited because I found the solution to my pants (TROUSERS, SUSIE!) problem. But I can't tell you what it is yet because it involves something I got someone else for Christmas. I know a couple of you out there are actually interested in this!!

Do you use Pinterest? I...AM...OBSESSED. Along with everyone else who uses it, of course. I mean, I seriously could spend days on there just pinning stuff. (Is there a career involving pinning for a living??) However, I do have a small part of me that fears someday Pinterest will die and I will lose all of my pins. I really, REALLY hope that never happens. The whole point of pinning stuff there is so you don't have to save links in your email or print everything out all the time! Where the HECK was this website when I was planning my wedding? I had like a 30 page print out of just wedding ideas. I could've just pinned them and A - not wasted so much paper and B - not carried around a stack of 30 pages for a year.

For those who don't know (I'm looking at you, Mom), Pinterest is a website where you basically just "pin" ideas, photos, recipes, whatever, to online "boards" so you can come back and look at them when you need them. So, for example, like you would do with pictures from a magazine, pinning them to a bulletin board. Pretty much the same thing except when you pin the pictures, you also pin the original link so if it's a recipe, you see the photo on your "board" and if you click on it, you will be directed to the original link where the recipe is located. Then others around the web see your pins (it's random, they kind of recommend things for you based on what you pin and who you follow), and if they like them they will "repin" them.

If you have a year to waste and want to see my boards, they're here. If you're already on there, follow me so I can follow you back!

Fun fact: My most repinned Pin is the duct tape whip tutorial! Ha! By the way, it turned out pretty awesome. Even Tim and his friend said so. They were like "Whoa, you just made that just now... with duct tape?" Or something along those lines. There was awe involved. Although Tim wanted to throw it out after Halloween. Psshh. As if.

It'll probably get stuck to everything in my Halloween box and I'll regret it. But for now, I'm saving it.

My friend Bonnie started a blog. You should probably follow her. She doesn't bog you down with long rants like I do. Just pretty pictures.


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