Friday, November 18, 2011

SMBHD - Makes Me Open My Christmas Presents Early


I have never been one to open presents early. Christmas or birthday. I guess when I was really young I was probably all over opening a present on Christmas Eve, but as I got older, I didn't even really care to because I wanted to save all my presents for Christmas Day. My brother would always go for the largest gift on Christmas Eve (knowing it would be whatever game system he asked for), while I would pick a small one. We would try to tell him maybe he should save the large gift for the next day, but he would never listen, and lo and behold, would end up pouting when he was done opening his presents the next day when I was still going. He always thought I got more than him. He truly just couldn't see the genius in not opening your big, probably most expensive, gift the night before.

Once when I was probably like 9 or 10, I decided I wanted to look for my Christmas presents. I just *had* to find where my mom had hid them, because I desperately wanted to know if I had gotten the rollerblades I'd asked for. Well, I found them. I distinctly remember when I found them, too. I remember the feeling that I had ruined my own Christmas when I opened that box and saw them in there. I don't remember if I told my mom that Christmas, I don't think I did, though. I probably tried to forget I'd found them and trick myself into being surprised on Christmas day. I never looked for a Christmas or birthday present again. I guess I like it to be a surprise.

Every year I make an Amazon list of things I'd like. But every year I include more than enough on there not because I expect to get it all, but hoping that I can somehow not know what I'll be getting. It actually works sometimes. I've asked Cassie specifically for one thing a few times and have completely forgotten by the time Christmas rolls around. Notice that I like to trick my own brain, and that it works. Lol.

This year I decided I really wanted an e-reader. I went into several stores to try out my options: ipad, nook, kindle, basic tablets. I wanted it to take on my commute to work, so ipad was out for two reasons: 1 - size/weight 2 - price (because if it were to get stolen, I'd be less heartbroken losing something that was $200 than something $600). The bus/train is relatively safe, but I didn't want to make myself more of a target than need be. I also didn't need it to have software for creating presentations or documents. I just wanted an ereader, but I wanted it in color and I wanted to be able to go on the web with it, so I can read blogs and stuff. I checked out the other options but wasn't impressed. Then one day the Kindle Fire was announced, and I freaked! I emailed my BH like 10 times asking for him to buy it for me for Christmas. (He had been asking me what I wanted.) I knew the Fire was being released on November 15th, but told him I wanted to wait until my mom's Christmas to open it (I wanted to be able to use it on our flight to England, so wanted it before we got there). Which, as I've mentioned, is the weekend of December 10th. He told me he wasn't wrapping it, since I already knew what it was, but when he'd say that I'd just pout and figured he'd give in eventually and wrap it.

The Fire was actually released a day early, on Monday of this week. It was delivered to my work (where we get all packages delivered) on Tuesday. I didn't open it, but I knew what it was because I'd seen the early release announcements. I took it home and my BH asked if I wanted it. I hemmed and hawwed and "nooooo"'d and "wellll"'d... and tried to walk away from his question, because I did want it... but yet I didn't! It wasn't Christmas yet! But it was my fancy new toy so of course I wanted to play with it! I wish he would've just taken it out of the room and wrapped it, because I wouldn't have unwrapped it and that would have been the end of it. But noooo he opened the box, unwrapped it from the packaging, and literally handed it to me. :(

So, my big Christmas present is in my possession already. There's no going back now. And now I'm going to have to have yet another two presents before Christmas because I asked my mom for the cover and screen protector and I feel like I can't take it out of the house without those. Even if I don't take it out of the house, I feel like I need those things. I like to keep my things nice, always have, and am terrified I'm going to drop it or accidentally scratch the screen with a fingernail or something, so now... sigh... I'm asking for these other two Christmas presents next weekend. (Thanks Mom!)
I do love it, though!!

It has wi-fi and connects super easily and quickly. The keyboard is great, and I've had no problems with it being "buggy", "thinking" for too long, or force-closing yet (I read on Amazon some people have had these problems, but I haven't had any). It comes pre-registered to your name, which some people find scary, but when you go through the set up process you have to enter your information and passwords all over the place, so I don't see any privacy issue if someone else happened to get your Kindle in the mail. The colors are great, and I love being able to read a magazine and play games on there. Anyway, I was asked for a review of it, so there you go. Bottom line is I love it. It's smaller, and a little heavier than I thought it would be, but I didn't measure it out beforehand (I don't measure... ever) and wasn't able to see it in the store since it hadn't actually been released yet. It's the same size as the other Kindles, just a bit heavier. Doesn't matter to me, though! It's definitely lighter than the ipad and my laptop! And it does everything I thought it would and expected it to do.

I've never had an ereader, so all you ereader users will think I'm late to the game, but I love reading books on there. To all you anti-ereaders and pro-real books readers, sorry, but I do enjoy that I can see when I'm 22% finished with a book. A real book can't tell me that. :) Plus, I can actually read in bed when Tim turns the light off! The Fire also comes with a free one month trial of Amazon Prime, which includes a free month's access to the Kindle Owners' Lending Library, so at the moment I'm reading The Hunger Games for free. And I can't stop reading it! I wish I had my cover so I could bring it out of the house!

Also, this one's for you MIL, one of the first things I did was download Angry Birds. It came with Words With Friends already on it, but we'll see if I get back into that anytime soon. I think I'd rather just read!

The reason I wanted an ereader this year and not earlier years is because I was determined to finish all of the books I already had in my house. When my gramma died when I was in college I couldn't stand to see all of her books given away. Even though 97% of them were romance novels, I still felt like I should take some and read them, because they were books. Romance novels couldn't be all that bad... I mean, they're not, but I'm definitely over reading them now. I've had more than my fair share! Anyway, that's why I had so many books in my house. And still do. Clearly I failed in my mission to read them all before getting an ereader. Oops. Anybody want some romance novels??

So... damn you BH for giving me my present early... but thanks for the awesome present. How did you ever know?!


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