Monday, November 21, 2011

Random Ramblings of the Week 11/21

I used to think that a carpetbagger was just anyone that carried around a bag made of material that looked like carpets. Like so:

Why was I even thinking about carpetbaggers on more than one occasion? Because Meamaw and I used to watch Gone With the Wind a lot. And when we weren't watching it, we were looking to buy the dolls. The dolls that I wish I still had and weren't sold at a yard sale... *cough* *cough*

Speaking of GWTW, I recently realized that this photo:

reminds me an awful lot of this photo:

and I know Meamaw would have said as much, and that makes me love it even more.

Know what the best thing is about the weather getting colder? Hot showers.

Have I ever told you how amazing salad cream is?

Too bad it's not sold in the US. HOWEVER my pantry is currently stocked due to some lovely English folks I know! I think we have at least 10 bottles in our pantry. I seriously can't believe we don't have it here. It's made by Heinz, for christ's sake. You know, makes ketchup, cocktail sauce, vinegar, etc.?? And it's delicious! And a close cousin to mayonnaise (no, it's not like Miracle Whip), so it's gotta be fattening, and the US is all over foods that make us fat. So... I don't get it. Well, at least I know I can get my fix from my connections in England. The rest of you are SOL.

I've been having some strange dreams lately. And of course I remember them when I wake up, but can't remember them now. The one thing I remember from last night is that my car died. Sooo... here's hoping that doesn't really come true.

Have I told you that my dreams come true sometimes? It's like I'm psychic... or something. When I was little I was having a really hard time figuring out how to tie my shoes. I'd get really frustrated, because apparently it's hard to learn to tie your shoes. Then one night I had a dream that I could tie my shoes, and it was so easy. The next day I woke up and could tie my shoes. Freaky, I know. I also had a dream once that my mom got cancer and died really quickly after being diagnosed. I realized afterwards that I hadn't actually seen my mom's face in the dream, and that it very well could have been my Meamaw. Not even a month after I'd had this dream she was in the hospital where they found out she had colon cancer and died not long after. One was a good dream, the other obviously the opposite. My point is, sometimes my dreams come true and I hope my car doesn't decide to die on me anytime soon. I really don't want to buy a new car while we live in Manayunk with no driveway! Hopefully it can hold out until we move (fingers crossed that will be next summer).

Oh, I remembered something else from my dream last night. My friend Cassie no longer just had the two cats I knew about, but now she had 4. She and her fiance also belonged to what they were calling the "kennel club" (which refers more to dogs than cats to me, but whatevs), and the other members didn't get the memo that they weren't going to be hosting it in their apartment while I was visiting. This meant like 30 cats roaming around the place. Um. I'm not really sure which I'd rather not come true - the cat stampede or the car death.

So who's doing some Black Friday shopping this week? Anyone going out Thursday at midnight? Because apparently that's the thing this year. Nordstrom’s has come out saying they're going to be "traditional" and just open at 6am on Friday like normal. Apparently "traditional" is a diss to those opening on Thursday. Obviously they just don't want to pay their employees holiday overtime. Not that I blame them, but nice try on the excuse. I'm pretty sure your friends opening on Thursday won't be hurt (from a sales perspective) by being "untraditional".

Happy early turkey day to all! Except those in the UK. Then it's just happy random Thursday in November.


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  1. So, salad cream isn't ranch dressing?