Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Random Ramblings of The Week 10/17

So... I really don't get this whole "Occupy Wall Street" thing, but I will admit that I have put zero time looking into what it's all about.

All I see is a bunch of people "occupying" the space in front of City Hall (in Philly), chanting with megaphones and saying something about 99%. I think it means something like 99% of the population isn't rich? Or something? I'm going to go out on a limb here and hope nobody yells at me for it, but I think the whole thing is stupid. Like I said, I haven't really looked into it so I know my opinion is ill-informed, but it seems to me like there are a bunch of people hanging around in their tents, playing music on their laptops (no, seriously), and claiming the government can't silence them because of their first amendment rights. As far as I can tell, what they're doing isn't going to actually change anything and as soon as it dips to 40 degrees I think they'll figure that out REAL QUICK. What do they really think is going to happen??

Just my 2 cents…

Also, I think this is weird:

I missed the BARKS garage sale this weekend back home, and it makes me sad! I'm pretty sure I missed one in April, too, but it always makes me sad when I can't go!

We were in AC for a minute and a half this weekend. Ok maybe a bit longer, like a night and a morning. We went to an awesome concert (Tim got me tickets for our anniversary)! Tim kind of had big expectations for "Atlantic City", since he kind of loves Boardwalk Empire a whole lot. Also, I'd never realized before how British people say "Atlantic City" like it's some city washed over with gold. Here we're just like "... AC". And no, it's not just Tim. I actually noticed it when the singer (also British, and Northern like him as well) said it. So now I keep making fun of him whenever he says it because it's funny. He disagrees.

I've been refusing to wear pants to work. I mean, like, full length pants, not like I wear nothing on the bottom... I don't wear pants in the summer, and I wear pants aaaaalll winter long. Well, pants and skirts with stockings. It gets cold in these parts. So wearing pants is like conceding to the fact that WINTER IS COMING.

While I wish that meant the Starks were back on my TV, it doesn't. That, I know, isn't happening anytime soon. But I digress. I love the fall, I love snow, I love having all 4 seasons. But I just don't really like wearing dress pants. I like skirts, and capris. You know what it probably is? Because my pants are so long, they get dirty and ripped up on my walk to work. I seriously have had zero success with finding a solution to this. I wear approximately 3 inches of heel every day once I'm actually at work (flats/sneakers on the way in), so I can't hem my pants any shorter just for my commute. I've tried folding, but they always come unfolded. When it gets absolutely cold enough, I wear (f)uggs and tuck them in. Which, I am highly aware, looks incredibly stupid. What's a public transportation lovin' girl to do? I know it'd be a whole different ball game if I drove to work every day instead of taking public transportation, but, alas, I do not. Nor do I really want to.

I'm very proud of myself at the moment. Last night I figured out how to hook up cable in the guest bedroom! Woo hoo! Long story short... we moved our stereo into the bedroom because we didn't have room for it in the living room and that meant we had to move the TV that was in the bedroom which meant it had to go in the guest bedroom because that's where everything goes so the guest bedroom now has a TV WITH CABLE. Who wants to visit?? I announced my success to Tim last night by telling him that if NBA ever came back he could watch it in the guest bedroom. :) Anyhoo - as awesome as this is, it may also spell disaster since I can already see myself watching reruns of 30 Rock (the first thing that came on when I hooked it up last night!) in there while he watches something downstairs. So... we may end up seeing less of each other than we already do, lol! But I think our guests who are coming to visit for the next two weeks will enjoy it!

Oh, right, we're having guests. After the busiest 3 weeks of my life I had one breather week and from this Thursday til November 1st I will have multiple British men in my house. Two (um, maybe three, but that has still yet to be determined) of Tim's friends decided to come visit back to back, oddly enough. I'm back into "guest" mode, like I was when my in-laws visited in the spring. Guest bedroom made up, cleaned, WITH CABLE, toiletries restocked, oh yeah, and the rest of the house had to be cleaned too. Did I mention I'm tired? I really am looking forward to them getting here, though. A - I like guest mode. B - I like cooking for people. C - I like cooking for male people because they eat anything.

Plus it should be interesting to see what they all come up with for Halloween costumes since we're going to two different parties while they're here. Not gonna lie, I have high expectations. After all, English people love their fancy dress parties. Not to mention I've seen one of his friends (who will be here next week) dress up for, like, a Thursday, so Halloween should be no sweat for him.

Speaking of... Operation Halloween Costumes is in full effect. Tim's is almost done, except I need to find or fashion him a whip. I'm pretty sure I'm going to make him a duct tape whip. He is so uninterested in having a costume it's not even funny. I'm hoping a few years of good ole American Halloweens will get him in the spirit. BTW, he claims that English people don't "do" Halloween. I have yet to determine if this is one of his "English people" really = only him and he tries to play it off like his whole country doesn't do it, kind of things. My costume, I'm kiiiind of sweating over. I know what I want. I FOUND what I want. It's perfect. I even got the ebay seller to take it off auction and send it to me. I just need it to GET here in time. Like, before this Saturday since we're going to a Halloween party that night.

Oh, you want to know what we're being for Halloween? Sorry, Charlie. You'll just have to wait.

PS Have I mentioned how much I love Halloween? Have I also mentioned we're doing Halloween this weekend and next weekend, and Tim is making us wear the same costume for both and it's killing me?? He refuses to wear two costumes (how dare he!), even if the second would cost $0, and it would look pretty lame without his other half to the costume if I did attempt the other costume I want to do. I'll have to hold onto that one until next year or until someone has a fancy dress party...

PLEASE someone have a fancy dress party!! Come on America, jump on this idea, stat. Birthday parties at the very least should = fancy dress parties. Whose birthday is coming up?? Oh, right, Tim's... ok, um... who else's birthday is coming up?? Do it. I'll dress up, I promise.


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