Friday, October 21, 2011

SMBHD - Doesn't Know What a Chiminea is

I know he'll claim this is one of those "English people" really = only him and he tries to play it off like his whole country doesn't do it, kind of things, like I talked about the other day. As per usual, I don't believe him. Come on, a chiminea?? Maybe it's more like a "men" don't know what they are kind of thing.

Anyway, we went pumpkin picking on a whim Monday night because my thought process that afternoon was: We're going to have guests until November 1st starting this Thursday (yesterday) and OMG when are we going to get pumpkins and NO I don't want one from ACME and OMG we have to go get pumpkins from the pumpkin farm and ok I'll bribe you to go by telling you I'll buy you cider doughnuts when we get there.

I... like fall... and pumpkins.

So we went to the pumpkin farm. And he cried* when I made him take one picture with me (I keep telling myself he's going to get over it at some point and just smile for pictures without complaining first, but it hasn't happened yet!).

On our way out I saw these awesome looking chimineas. AOB looooves chimineas. Chimineas are pretty cool. (How many times can I say chiminea in one post?) Anyway, I had to take a picture of the PUMPKIN chiminea because AOB would love it.

(pardon my camera phone picture, my camera died after our one picture)

Then Tim asked what it was. I told him a pumpkin chiminea because... obviously, look at the picture. It's a chiminea, but a pumpkin. He was like, "What's a chiminea?" So I told him you put it outside and have a fire in it, like a firepit. Then he was like, "Oh, ok. So chimineas are made out of pumpkins?" If I wasn't driving at the time, he would've gotten the are you freaking serious?!? look. Sad part is, he was serious. I then informed him that chimineas are just... chimineas and that the reason I had to take a picture of this one was because it was shaped like a pumpkin. Chimineas can be made out of lots of things, but real pumpkins isn't one of them... thaaat would just be called a jack o'lantern.


PS - 13. That's how many times I can say the word chiminea in this post... now 14. 15 if you count the title.

*He didn't really cry.

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