Friday, May 20, 2011

SMBHD - Sings Annoying Songs on Purpose

I've started actually holding my phone when I'm sleeping in the morning once he's gotten out of bed. Good thing, too. We had a tug of war with it the other morning because he was trying to put it out of my reach again.

So… what else does my BH* do? I really should have started writing all the things down when I was threatening him that I was going to do this. Hopefully I'll remember (not likely), but more than likely he'll do some of it again.

My BH likes to sing. No, not, like, serenading me or anything non annoying like that. He likes to walk around the house singing things as loudly and annoyingly as possible. And by annoyingly, I mean he actually does it with the intent to annoy and with the most devilish grin possible on his face. Usually he sings the music from the chorus to Ring of Fire. Also, football (soccer for Brits) chants. Looootttts of football chants. Usually one about Steve Gerrard. Special shout out to our friend Dave G. for taking him to the Philadelphia Union game the other night and providing him with yet ANOTHER tune to sing around the house. THANKS DAVE.

Oh, and when I'm trying to peacefully fall asleep at night, he sings all of these, one by one, pausing for silence between each one for full effect and to make me think he's done singing for the night.

It's fun for you, it's fun for me, come on everybody do Xfinity...

We are Farmers, bah bah bah bah bum bum bum

Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there!

He laughs hysterically while doing it. And when I cause him physical harm to make him stop ask him politely to stop and make him promise not to sing it again, he starts singing another one and says, "I promised I wouldn't do THAT one!" until he runs out of jingles to fake promise not to sing. I'm pretty sure I live with a 5 year old boy, but don't alert the authorities. He swears he's 26.


*BH = British Husband

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