Thursday, May 19, 2011

Royal Wedding Hat Roundup

So, yeah, I know, I'm a little late to this party, but whatever. I've been busy. And blogger sucked pretty bad last week. And I still want to talk about hats, so I'm going to.

I delved into some of the best British gossip sites to find me some awesome and ridiculous royal wedding hats. Turns out most of the goodies were actually on American news sites. Because that's how America rolls. What Lindsay Lohan wears to court is a CNN Breaking News tweet (true story).

Let's get started.

We've all seen it. Princess Beatrice's ridiculous "hat". It even has a facebook fan page with over 140,000 fans.

Wow. Just wow.
via the

via Washington Post

I kind of want to be friends with the old biddy in purple.
via OK! Magazine

Also kind of want to be friends with this old biddy in purple.

via Ok! Magazine

via Orlando Sentinel

Don't remember where this pic came from, but they look like ladies who lunch to me.
Ladies who lunch in hats. AKA my dream life.

LinkPretty sure she just poked him in the eye.
via Orlando Sentinel

I'm not sure who started this "hats going on your forehead/awkwardly on the side of your head" business, but I can't say I'm a fan. I am, however, and always will be, a fan of people who have the guts to wear any sort of hat. So they make the post.

One of William's exes via Daily Mail

Um, 'scuse me - your hat's inside out. And apparently falling off. Not sure why.
It looks securely fastened to the side of your head, where everyone knows hats go.
via Orlando Sentinel

Finally, a green hat!
via Daily Mail

I think my favorite is actually not even a green hat. Weird. It's Princess Letizia of Spain (in the pink, below). I love the style of her hat. It's fashionable even though it's "tame" as far as royal wedding hats go. I'd probably prefer it in another color (green), but I think this whole ensemble really works for her. Love the feathers in the hat and the fascinator in front, too.

PS GUESS WHAT - Bonnie's making us super awesome hair pieces for her wedding! We picked up flowers and feathers and ribbon (oh my) and who knows what else will end up in there, but I'm excited to wear it! Her wedding's basically going to be like a super awesome Bonnie Quick fashion show. Better start practicing my runway strut.



  1. ummmm, not to disappoint, but finished the feather things last night, not as big as we initially thought, but still a statement. It's hard to explain but there are pieces to add in as the hair is getting done. So may end up in a crazy hair blog, but nothing like Beatrice.

    My favorite hat of the blog has to be 4th picture from the bottom, girl in the middle with side black "hat." Too tall to wear something like that myself, but would totally style someone else in it.

  2. It doesn't have to be big to be awesome! Still excited. We need some pics for the blog for sure.