Thursday, May 12, 2011

Bonnie's Sew In Love Shower Hour

This past weekend was Bonnie's Bachelorette Weekend! Amanda knows someone with a Poconos house and she let us use it for the weekend and it was great! We basically just hung out at the house all weekend. The first night we imbibed a bit and Bonnie started her own dance party in the living room. I went to bed at 3am, and was told that it was a little shocking that I'd be the first to tap out. Ha. But I did, because I wanted to wake up the next morning and decorate for Bonnie's "shower".

Back story - Bonnie's family had a shower for her over Christmas in some other state, so we attempted to throw another shower for her (for us) but her fam was like "You crazies, we already had a shower for her!" or something not quite like that and we ended up cancelling but decided to roll it into her bachelorette weekend. Pre cancellation, we decided on a sewing theme (Sew In Love) for her shower, since she sews awesome clothes and stuff. Amanda and I (Amanda is one of her MOHs) had already been looking up fun sewing-themed DIY projects for the decorations. Even though we weren't having a shower, I still wanted to utilize these decorations because, um, do you know me? I love decorations. Anyway, I made these super awesome (as far as I'm concerned) button garlands and draped them around. I seriously could make button garlands forever. Remember Aunt Cheri's button jar? No? Well, while I was planning my wedding I needed buttons for stuff. Stuff like my bouquet and the men's boutonnieres. So Aunt Cheri basically forces tells me to take her big button jar that we have no idea where it really originated from. It may have belonged to my great grandma, or this woman we're sort of related to through marriage. Let's just call her Anne and leave the explanations out. Anyway, seriously, it's this huge jar full of buttons. I mean, this thing could have been from both my great grandma, Anne, and thensome. You know how when you buy something with buttons and they give you replacement buttons? Or when you buy buttons for something and they give you 800 of them in a pack (I'll never have to buy buttons). Imagine decades and decades of those just thrown in a jar. Then imagine my excitement of being given all those buttons that I actually have a use for! Then imagine Aunt Cheri's excitement of getting rid of this massive jar of buttons she didn't know what to do with. Ok, you probably don't know Aunt Cheri, so let's just say she was more than happy to pass them along. We also found more buttons in more jars, sewing kits, and spools of thread and all that good stuff while cleaning out my Grandude's house (and also some things my aunt had from Anne). I was like "Oooh more buttons!" and my mom and aunt were like "Great… TAKE THEM". I don't know why, but in my head, all I wanted to decorate with were old sewing things. I guess it's like that vintage, retro feel or something.

If we were having a big shower, I think I definitely would have taken on some more sewing-themed projects - like these:

Yarn Flowers via A Subtle Revelry
(I would have done more toned-down, antiquey colors, but these are still fun) - check out
the tutorial!
How cute are the utensil wraps?? Utensil wraps and cake below via
Spool vases via

Test tube and spool bud vases - so cute!
Via TheHastackNeedle (photo originally via Rachel Ray)

Amanda was going to give sewing kits out as the favor if we had a big shower (so cute!):

Sewing Kit from

But we were pretty much just having a little shower, aka "Bonnie's Power Hour Shower", so not too much decoration was needed. Confession - because it was small, I definitely had to fight with myself to keep it small. As in, restricting myself to minimal decoration.

(There are no pictures of any of us because basically I ended up decorating for breakfast. Meaning none of us had showered or put on any makeup. So you only get the decorations. Also, the lizard on the window is not part of the decor. He came with the house.)

I loved the garlands so much that I was determined to not throw them away. I didn't really know what I would ever use them for again (oh, hello, you're having a baby? Babies like buttons, right?? Lol), but I refused to trash them after spending so much time on them. As I was rolling them up (HINT: if you do button garlands, you should wrap them around a cardboard tube or something. These things tangle like WHOA and are pretty much impossible to untangle.), Bonnie asked what I was doing with them, and to my surprise, actually asked if she could keep them! Bonnie isn't really a "things" person, or at least not to the extent that I am (and yes, I'll admit, I'm excessive), so yeah, it was a bit surprising, not gonna lie. But I'm glad she wanted them! She said she'd put them up in her sewing room, which I think it perfect.

I also did button necklaces for us all for the weekend. We all had a different color. Guess what mine was.

Ooooh snap. I just found a "Cute as a Button" baby shower theme. Quick - somebody have a baby. Anyone but me. Come on. I have buttons. Will make garlands. Pick a color, any color.


Photos that look like they're by me, are by me.

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  1. Oh man, I look like a giant! Wedding pictures are going to be hilarious.

    Thanks so much for the shower! I really loved it.

    It's not that I'm not a "stuff" person. I am just a bit choosey and only keep my favorite awesome things, like button garlands!