Friday, February 25, 2011

My Heart Hurts

Today we bury Grandude. We had to wait 2 weeks because the veterans cemetery must have a lot of veterans to bury right now (sad).

I keep trying to tell myself he's back with Meamaw and happy, therefore we shouldn't be sad. His funeral was on Valentine's Day and we sent him to her with a card, a rose, and my favorite picture of them (not this one, not even sure we have a copy of that picture).

at Meamaw's prom

I think I'm in a state of denial now, really. I feel like I just went for a normal visit and when I see pictures of him around my house, I smile thinking about how goofy and wonderful he is...

...but then I remember that he's gone and my heart hurts all over again.


Ok, this is the last post I'm allowing myself to wallow in. Promise.


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