Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Year Resolutions

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Every year people make resolutions for themselves when the new year begins. Well, I didn't actually come out and tell myself I'm going to do certain things, but for over a month now I have taken up what I can only call "bettering myself". Maybe the new year inspired me? Don't think so. I think it was that I had a couple months after the wedding that I just stopped doing everything I did before the wedding and I finally realized that my little "post wedding break" needed to be over. What am I talking about? Well, mainly the fact that my clothes weren't fitting right anymore due to mass comsumption of food. Yeah, I'm blaming it on the hubby. Not that he force feeds me or anything, but I guess it takes some getting used to (for me at least) to NOT eat everything, or the same quantity, that he eats. It's a proven fact that men need to eat more calories in a day because they (somehow, MIRACULOUSLY) burn off more. My hubby also goes to the gym, A LOT, so he needs to eat even more. I used to be all "screw the whole men eat more than women thing!" Um, yeah. At least 10 lbs. later (I won't step on the scale), I realize that they can, and they should, eat more than most women, and that I need to get over myself. Lol.

I get that I'm pretty much in the minority these days since we hadn't lived together until 2 weeks before getting married, and most people live together for a year, or a few years even, before tying the knot. So you probably all have a leg up on me. And you all should have warned me and given me this wisdom. For that, I blame you. :)

So since I like to think that writing things down will make them actually happen, and that my readers/friends will hold me accountable if I actually blog about it, I'm listing my "resolutions" below. It's kind of sad that my "resolutions" are things I did to better myself in the months before my wedding, but my problem then was that I had the end goal (our wedding date) to look forward to stopping all these things. Which is kind of stupid when you think about it. Were they painful and horrible to maintain? No! Now I have no end date by which to stop and I think that's good.

Anyway, I have unofficially resolved to:
** Getting into a going to the gym routine. 2 days a week is better than my usual 0. If I hit 3 times every now and then, even better! Also, using my Shake Weight while watching TV, etc. That's right, I own a Shake Weight. Don't mock it til you've tried it and have felt that burn under your arms - it works, I tell you!
** Eating better/less - as in, stop eating like my husband! First problem - I need to accept that I should not be eating the same quantities of things that he does. There's no reason to stuff yourself (I'm talking to myself here) just so that you both eat equal amounts. I've started giving him double from the getgo and only eating til I'm full - then he gets what's left on my plate (and loves it). I also try to trick myself by eating slower and then by the time I would get 2nds it's all gone because he's already eaten it! So there's one way to do it! Next problem - I usually make dinner for us at least 5 days a week, and have gotten into the pattern of making things that he likes - aka things with a ton of meat in them. Everything has to have meat in it! Now, I'm no veg, but this is ridiculous. I mean, mac and cheese has to have chicken, ham, or some sort of deli meat in it (gross, and no, I don't put it in mine. nor do I even eat mac and cheese to be honest - that's hubby's specialty for when I'm out of town). Really?? That's not necessary. For this problem there's a sub-resolution:
**Eating more vegtables; trying to eat vegetables in lieu of meat when hubby's not around. I've always like my veggies, but I'm starting to like them a lot! I'm not on my way to becoming a vegetarian or anything, but if you throw a vegetarian dish my way I'll definitely enjoy it! And definitely broadening my horizons with them as well. My favorite veg of the moment: orange peppers. YUM. Hubby definitely looks at me funny sometimes and asks, with disgust, "You're not going to become a vegetarian, are you?" I think he fears that I will stop making him meaty lasagna. Have no fear, hubby, lasagna just isn't the same without meat sauce.
** Making my own lunch more often. I've always done the pack a lunch thing, but usually only tops 3 days a week and want to start doing it more. Not only does it save money, but you control the portions. I have this problem where I have a really hard time leaving things on my plate... so controlling my own portions versus letting a deli or someplace do it, is probably good for me. You know what I'd like to see? More packed lunch vegetarian recipes. I'm on the hunt for these! Salads can get boring! (Let me know if you have one!)
** Flossing on a regular basis. I know, it sounds like I'm a 7 year old but for some reason I always forget/always tell myself I don't have time. Really? It takes less than a minute to floss. (This is the conversation I now have with myself when I try to talk myself out of flossing.)

So here's to a new year and to bettering myself!

Oh, and maybe I should add "blogging" to my resolutions. My bad...


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