Friday, December 9, 2011

Quasi Xmas Decorating

I'm not usually one for putting up Christmas decorations right after Thanksgiving. I usually wait until at least December 1st! But this year we didn't really have a choice since we weren't going to be home the first two weekends in December! So decorate on Thanksgiving weekend we did.

We've decided that this year, and all subsequent years we Christmas in England (doesn't that just sound so fancified), we're going to have a fake Christmas tree. I think I told you this already. If not, it's in a draft somewhere, so I'm telling you again because I'm too lazy to go look. So we're having a fake Christmas tree. I've never had my own fake Christmas tree! There were a few years where I didn't have a tree at all when I lived with roommates and we decorated a potted palm tree, but whenever I've actually had a tree, it's been real. I love the smell and feel and look of it. Truth be told, I've never really understood why someone would want a fake tree when they could have a real one?? I guess it just boils down to personal preference. Whatevs. My point is, I like real in my house. And every year we Christmas in the US (doesn't sound nearly as fancified), we will have a real tree. This, I vow.

When I say "we decided", btw, what I actually mean is Tim had a good point and I agreed with him. For once. Usually when Tim starts telling me what to do with decorative items in the house it doesn't bode well for him. Lol. But this time, he said we wouldn't be around to water it and we're not around in December really at all to enjoy it, so we should just get a fake tree. I'm not gonna lie, it took me a little while to accept this, being the real tree hugger lover that I am, but eventually I saw that he was right. There's not much point rushing around, getting a real tree, decorating it, then leaving it to die for a few weeks while we're out of town. So we acquired my Grandude's old fake tree. It's a little... small (it's slightly taller than me). I seem to recall a couple years where we were hunting around Grandude's house trying to find something to prop it up on so it seemed taller. Lol. It's also a little... sparce (lots of lights and ornaments to fill in the holes!), but it's just fine. Well, except that the top half doesn't quite "snap" into place, so I was wary of putting anything heavy on top, which meant our tree topper this year is just a big bow, but it works! I like it. :)

Also due to the fact that we are out of town for half of December, I cut back on decorations this year. This made Tim happy because he only had to pull out like 1/4 of the decs from the basement.

This is a MUST HAVE that I have no idea how long I've had or where it came from, but I've had it forever.

However, there are a few favorite MUST HAVES that were missing and I had to venture down to the basement when he wasn't looking and find them because they were in a box that wasn't marked Christmas ("Mixed Holidays") and he would've had a cow if I told him there was another Christmas box. Shhh... But I'm pretty sure my peacock wreath and tree were worth the trip.

Did I mention I don't go down to my basement? Tim has to do it because there are creepy crawlies (CAVE CRICKETS ARE THE WORST) and I'm totally arachnophobic and when I go down there I practically hyperventilate so he yells at me to go upstairs. This is why when we buy a house someday, it will need to have a finished basement and no creepy crawlies whatsoever.

The minimal decorating this year included some wreaths, some Christmas-y stuffed animals and pillows, some garland and pine cones around the TV, obvi the Christmas tree and decorations, and last, but certainly not least, a mini wreath on each pig cage. Don't judge. It's CUTE.

Also, last year I set a precedent (for myself) by taking a picture of my pigs in front of the Christmas tree.

You all know I've since lost my Scooter... so this is Tyson's first photoshoot in front of the tree. Tim stood behind me freaking out because he thought they were going to jump off the stool I had them on. Valid point I suppose. As you can see, it took a few takes (and a quick trigger finger). I guess the baby's a little camera shy.

How are you all getting ready for the holidays? Are the decorations going up?? How many boxes of Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanzaa stuff do YOU have?


I'm MIA, but others aren't...

Like MODG here:

Whether you love her "colorful" blog or not (I SUPER love it, but realize it might not be everyone's cup of tea), she's doing an amazing thing on her blog right now and so many people are being helped by it. Check it out, especially if you have or know kids who have outgrown their clothes and toys. You could help a kid have Christmas, who might not otherwise. Warning: the page may take a few minutes to load because there are over 500 comments on there now. Which is only annoying until you realize what that means and it restores your faith in humanity.

I'm helping. Or TRYING to, at least! All these other people keep beating me to helping people! Damn them. Ok, ok, yeah, it's great that there are so many people willing to help. I'm sure I'll get my turn.

All the stories on there make me want to cry and remind me of a story my mom tells about when I was little. I was a part of the Book It program (through school, I guess), and basically you just read a lot of books and every book you read you got a sticker or something and when you got enough stickers you got a free personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut. I was a little book worm when I was little (I seriously rode my bike to the library every day) so this was right up my alley. I enjoyed reading and getting free pizza out of it, but I never realized that some nights that was the only way I had dinner. My mom told me that years later. I was young and oblivious to our financial situation at the time, so I was just like, "Pizza!!" I hope I shared. Anyway, now that I have the means to help, I'm going to.

Or at least TRY to.