Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Party Time! Excellent!

I can't wait to start cooking things for our party. Former Bridesmaid/Now Wife Amanda and I are throwing a joint birthday party for our hubbies this Friday. It's BYOCC themed - which means Bring Your Own Christmas Cookies! It's going to be at their house, since ours isn't really conducive to having lots of people in one area (we have lots of tiny rooms on three floors, versus big, open spaces on less floors), unless we wanted to have it in the backyard... in December. Anyway, we kind of procrastinated on the planning, but this past weekend it kind of hit me, oh crap! We're having a party on Friday! So I went out and bought a bunch of crap... I mean, delicious food (that's probably not in the health food aisle). I decided to make spin dip (which I'm also bringing to my work's floor holiday party that day), decided to throw some Velveeta cheese and salsa in a crock pot for a quick and easy cheesy dip, decided on a cookie recipe for myself... I guess I was in panic mode that I wouldn't have time to do anything. But now? Oh now I'm finding more recipes I want to make and I'm going to drive myself (and possibly my husband...) crazy this week with all the cooking I'm going to do. But I don't care! I want to do it! It's Christmas, and you know what I think my problem is? I don't think I've ever... wait for it... wait for it... thrown a Christmas party. Yeah, so I guess I'm kind of on overload with wanting to do all sorts of things in addition to what I already listed above. Like making eggnog from scratch (yes, it's delicious if you don't buy it at the store), and making two kinds of cookies... and making deviled eggs with green and red food coloring! EEK!! That's my excited sound.

How am I ever going to be able to wait the two days before I can start making things??

I'm blaming Martha Stewart for providing me with a plethora of recipes.


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